100 Faces: Street Portraits by Jamiya Wilson | Exhibition Info

Information regarding the photography exhibition, 100 Faces: Street Portraits by Jamiya Wilson happening Jan. 31, 2019 at Rogue Space Chelsea.





January 31, 2019
7PM - 10PM

Rogue Space Chelsea
508-526 West 26th St.
9th Floor
New York, NY 10001

About The Exhibition
100 Faces is a black-and-white portrait photography project featuring the interesting and unique denizens of New York City as I came across them in my daily life from 2017 through 2018. The exhibition will feature 100 large prints, showcasing each person in striking detail. Completely self-funded, the project reflects my artistic sensibilities, passion for photography, and love for the people I photograph.


Admission to the exhibition is free but you will need a ticket. Get yours through Eventbrite by clicking “Get Tickets”. And feel free to bring a guest or two!




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Artist Statement

The constant hustle required for living in a place like New York City can make us somewhat oblivious or even dismissive of those around us. If the city is new to you, you may marvel at the sheer amount of people. But over time, you get used to it and it all becomes commonplace. You begin to ignore it. Especially if you’re a local. Large crowds of people seem to blur together as if part of the scenery. No longer people, but another obstacle in the way of your daily commute or rush to the coffee shop.

100 Faces is my humble attempt to get people to stop for a moment and consider that stranger. That person across from you on a busy street or sitting inches away on a park bench. They’re more than just another face in the crowd. But someone with hopes and dreams, family and friends; someone who has probably lived a life you’d never believe. 

I only spent a few minutes with each person, stopping to take 3-5 quick photographs. They presented themselves as they saw fit with minimal direction. We shared a laugh, discussed our places of origin, and said goodbye. These small moments humanized an individual who only seconds ago was unknown to me. Someone I’d probably pay little mind otherwise. Once you get to know a person, even in passing, something changes. You hope things work out for them. You start to care. At least I did.

Upon viewing these images, I hope you feel the same. Ponder the story of each person and the journey they’re having or have had. Consider the common humanity that unites us all. Perhaps doing so will make us kinder to one another.

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