About | Jamiya Wilson



A little about me, in my own words.

I grew up in Jackson, MS and even as a child, I was always inspired by visuals. Photographs, films, and animation all intrigued me, so I knew I wanted to be in a profession that revolved around aesthetics. Therefore, I went to Full Sail University and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Film. But I never would have guessed I would choose to become a photographer. Life’s funny like that sometimes.

I was working as a video editor and absolutely loathed my job. So one day I said enough is enough. I quit my job and went to the mall to console myself. In my “grief”, a guy at a camera store sold me a camera and I never put it down. Learning photography quickly became an obsession for me. That was in 2006. Now I work as a professional photographer in New York City and eventually obtained my M.F.A. in Photography from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Who woulda thunk it?

I chose portrait photography because out of all the other specialties, I love it the most. I absolutely love working with people. Whether it’s a stunning model for a beauty project or just a regular joe with a larger than life personality, I enjoy capturing the uniqueness of those in front of my camera. When shooting, I always try to create photographs that are timeless, captivating, and iconic with simplicity being the driving force behind my style.

I’ve learned so much since I’ve started but remain a diligent student of the photography craft.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy my work.

- Jamiya