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This set of street photos were taken on a gloomy day in New York City. It seemed like rain would come any minute, but never did. While I was in Times Square waiting on a friend of mine, I came across this guy dressed as Batman working as a performer. He would reel in tourists and take photos with them in exchange for a few bucks. One exchange saw him yelling across the way at a guy and I had to capture the moment. Christian Bale’s Batman voice immediately came to mind and I could imagine him saying something like, “You there! What are you doing with that device?” in his gravelly voice. “I’m Batman!”

With that thought in my head I decided to capture some images of the city centered around the theme of Gotham City. Dark, moody, and somewhat brooding. It was a fun little excursion while it lasted. It eventually started raining afterall, but I managed to snag some beautiful shots. I underexposed them on purpose and crushed the shadows to give it a high contrast vibe. Taken on my Panasonic GX8.