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Panasonic S1R: Kai Wong's Review

Camera reviewer Kai Wong recently took the Panasonic S1 out for a spin and came away impressed but with pretty much the same conclusions I did for the S1R. Check it out.

While he’s reviewing the S1 camera, it has the same physical specs as the S1R along with sharing most of its features.

Some take aways from his review:

  • Camera is heavy already, but when you put a lens on it, it’s even worse.

  • Focus is inaccurate/unresponsive in backlit situations and sometimes stays locked onto the background versus shifting focus to what you want to focus on in the foreground (like the test I did with my window blinds).

  • The Lumix S Pro 50mm f/1.4 lens is beautiful. Sharp, crisp images but you expect that from a lens that big with such a high price tag.

Although he didn’t shoot tethered, I’m sure when some other pros and reviewers try out tethering through Lumix Tether they’ll experience similar issues to what I encountered as well.

Speaking of tethering, I took my Nikon Z7 out on a recent job that required multiple lighting setups and moving from one location to another. Tethering was such a seamless and painless process through Capture One Pro. The integration with the Z7 made it easy to check my setup quickly and accurately without having to wait for images to pop in via Lumix Tether. Something to consider if you’re a working pro.

I think the Lumix S1 and S1R are great entries into the full-frame mirrorless world for Panasonic, but they’ll need some tweaking and updates before they’re ready for primetime. I hope they succeed as I’d love to revisit the S1R in the future.