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What's next?


Having recently completed a project that I've been working on for almost a year(excited to share it with you soon), I find myself in a very exciting place creatively. I can go in whatever direction I want and that's quite liberating to say the least. I've taken a bit of time off and haven't really been shooting for my portfolio as much as I'd like. I've spent much of the year focusing on my other business, JW Headshots, and getting it to a level I'm pleased with. It's doing quite well and I find I don't have to micro-manage it as much as I used to.

Now as I shift focus back into the creative side of photography, I'm left pondering my next move. What would I like to shoot?

Well here's my list:
- Creative, concept driven portrait projects
- Sultry and sensual images of models
- Editorial swimwear and lingerie focused images
- Erotic nudes for a book project I'm working on

I think as artists it's important to find a sense of direction in your work and diligently work the plan. Figure out what it is you desire to shoot the most and pursue that. This way, when you look back at the year, you feel a greater sense of progression. I've wasted lots of time shooting the same things over and over since I felt that's what was expected of me. Now, I'm taking charge of my career and the direction I want my work to go in, even if that means saying no to projects.

At the end of the day, I have to be pleased with the work I'm doing. I spend lots of time planning, lighting, shooting, and retouching photographs. So it would be somewhat of a waste to spend that time working on something I'm not passionate about. Words to live by.

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