Sunday Movie Night: Oblivion

One of my favorite moments from one of my favorite sci-fi films of all time.

One of my favorite moments from one of my favorite sci-fi films of all time.

I've watched this film 100 times and it's still one of my favs. Beautiful art direction, cinematography, strong performances from the entire cast, and a compelling story with a great twist. And I loved the pairing of Cruise and Kurylenko, she's also one of my favs so I was stoked when the cast for the film was announced.

As I always say, Tom Cruise is one of the most underrated successful actors out there. He always brings it and has so many classics under his belt. Rain Man, Top Gun, Vanilla Sky, Minority Report, Jerry Maguire, The Last Samurai on and on and on. Give the man his props. 

I'll be enjoying this one for the 101th time pretty soon. Go Tom Cruise!

Oil On Canvas


Oily nude of Guyanese model Gabriella. This was one of my funnest shoots in a while.

On a sidenote, a photographer recently asked me why do I shoot nudes. The answer's simple really. I shoot nudes because I like photographing women in the nude. There's no deeper meaning behind it, no contrived or pretentious explanation I can give you. I've simply always loved nudity, and not only the artsy stuff. I like the the erotic, the provocative, and the pornographic sides of nudity. These things have always drawn me in since as far back as I can remember.

An artist's work is often a reflection of their inner self. Nudes are just one facet of my body of work and my creative mind.

Hanna at Muse Management

Some natural light beauty with the gorgeous Hanna Grace at Muse Management. She has the most stunning eyes! Love the colors in this one and more specifically the feel of this image. I love natural light for beauty images so maybe I'll go outdoors on my next beauty project.

I'm actually considering changing my style for beauty to more of a portrait style as opposed to the traditional "studio" beauty style that's so commonplace these days. I think as an artist, it's always about reinventing yourself and trying new things. It may not be well received at first, but in time people will come around. Onward and upward as they say.

Nick Bacon


Portrait I created of character actor Nick Bacon. I experimented with a bit of color work on this one. I initially planned to go with a black and white final version, but once I saw it sans color, it felt lifeless. The color version has much more character. The color of his eyes and skin tone give the image life as if to say this is a person that exists right now, not a relic from the past despite his classic western look.

One of my favorite images of the year thus far and a start to the direction I'm taking my work going forward. I love photographing beautiful women, but it can't always be pretty girls.