Alien: Covenant

Finally got a chance to see Alien: Covenant. I was a huge fan of Prometheus and Ridley Scott delivered with the sequel. I had some minor gripes with some of the characters and their decision making, but I had no choice but to chalk it up to typical "movie stupidity". Researchers land on an alien planet, one that they've NEVER been on before or have information about, and proceed to explore it without helmets or protective gear. Yeah, okay. 

Despite obvious flaws like that, I felt the film did an excellent job of expanding the Alien lore and revealing the motivations of the android, David, played by Michael Fassbender. Speaking of which, I think David is one of the most iconic roles of an android in modern cinema. The character raises so many questions about creation and gives me pause as I know our species will eventually create similar beings in time. David is also one of Fassbender's best roles; he's building up quite the resume as a talented actor.

Overall, while Alien: Covenant lacks some of the horror aspects people expect in an Alien film, it triumphs with nuanced storytelling, a compelling villian, and lore that piques one's curiosity. There's so much more I want to see and learn about in this universe Scott has created. I can not wait for Alien: Awakening!